I stand amazed!: At the wonder of it all - At the Wonder of It All - Linda Schott, Linda G. Schott (1992)
ISBN 0890981337
Publisher 20th Century Christian
Publication Date 1992
Format Unknown Binding
Does the story of Jesus still stir your heart? Does the cross fill you with humble gratitude? Do you marvel at the certain knowledge that God is working in your life? Or, like so many others in this fast-paced world, have you allowed all of those wonders to become commonplace, and thereby have simply ceased to be amazed?

Within each one of us there is a hunger for spiritual renewal. Let's recapture the sense of awe and amazement at the intricate plans and promises of our mighty Maker and learn once again to find inspiration in the simple songs of life. It is with a sense of joy and awareness that the author eagerly and aptly communicates with her readers. Whether reading alone or in group study, I Stand Amazed! will stir your heart and rekindle the flame of your relationship with your Maker and His precious Son, Jesus the Christ!

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