Our Vision:

"To be a giving family that develops everlasting relationships of love by caring for the spiritual and physical needs of our midshipmen and college age young adults." 

Our Mission:

"To assist in the spiritual development of our midshipmen and college age young adults by providing them with a God centered church family that nurtures Christian faith and promotes a closer daily relationship with the Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit so that through them God may be glorified, the saved edified and the lost touched by the Word of God both here and abroad."

Guiding Principles:

  1. To provide members of the church who attend the Academy and local colleges a church home which nurtures their Christian faith and reinforces their grounding in sound Christian doctrine.
  2. To reach out to those at the Academy and local colleges who may not know Christ, but are seeking a closer relationship with God and a scriptural church home.
  3. To touch a lost world through the lives of Academy graduates, who will have a unique opportunity to spread the Word of God around the world; both in the military community and in the countries where they live; as they travel in the service of their nation and their God.

History & Purpose


Faculty members of the U.S. Naval Academy were among those who helped establish the Annapolis Church of Christ. Not surprisingly, one of the new congregation's first mission initiatives was an outreach program to the four thousand midshipmen at the Naval Academy. This program, conducted in cooperation with the Naval Academy Chaplain's office, has been touching lives on "the yard" ever since.


Midshipmen & College Age Activities

     During the Academic Year, the Annapolis church family coordinates scheduled events for the midshipmen and collage age young adults.  Various members open their homes for young adult activities in support of the Midshipmen/College Ministry.  The church also sponsors an annual Harpers Ferry day trip in October of Columbus Day Weekend of each year in which about 50 members hike up to the top of Maryland Heights and participate in worship to God overlooking beautiful Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  We also sponsor a tailgater during the Navy football season.  During the Spring Semester, our midshipmen lead an entire congregational worship service on a mutually agreed upon Sunday.  

      These events and activities promote fellowship as well as provide quality time away from the normal grind of every day life.  Over the years, the feedback has been very postive concerning these activities and we look forward to continuing to be of service to our future leaders of America, both civilian and military.  


Kevin Jackson is the coordinator of our USNA outreach program.  Kevin, a 1999 graduate of the Naval Academy, is originally from Jackson, Tennessee, where he attended the East Jackson Church of Christ.  While on active duty in the Navy, Kevin served in USS Arthur W. Radford (DD968) as the Electrical/Damage Control Assistant and in USS Vella Gulf (CG72) as the Fire Control Officer.  Kevin's final assignment on active duty was with Commandant, Naval District Washington, serving as Flag Aide supporting the Commandant and his executive staff.  He left active duty in December of 2005 and joined the Navy Reserves at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.  Kevin is married and supports the NAVSEA 21 as a manpower, personnel and training deputy project manager.

Stewart Eales served as head of the USNA outreach program from 1994 until February 2006.  Stewart, along with the help of many others in the congregation, worked long and hard to help our brothers and sisters at the Academy with their spiritual lives as they trained for service as officers in the US Navy and Marine Corps.  Stewart does plan on continuing to assist in the USNA program by teaching Bible studies, helping in activities, plebe summer worship, and in any way that he can. 

Sponsor Program

We maintain a sponsor program which matches midshipmen with families in our congregation.  This program, in conjunction with the official USNA sponsor program, has been very successful in assisting the incoming midshipmen.  Our sponsor families routinely provide midshipmen with a sanctuary and home cooked meals in a family environment away from Bancroft Hall.  Our sponsors may also provide transportation to the airport during holiday breaks as well as host visiting family members from time to time. The parents of midshipmen, and former-midshipmen have been very grateful over the years for the time, effort and energy bestowed upon them during their stay here in Annapolis.  We are blessed that God has given us the opportunity to be of service to the brotherhood.

How to become a USNA Sponsor for the Class of 2011

Inform Midshipmen Ministry Coordinator that you are interested

Contact Ms. Rose Clark at USNA (This year’s application is being taken by phone.)

(410) 293-7031 (office)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sponsor Roles and Responsibilities

-Attend a midshipman training session every three years to stay up to date on policies and procedures of the U.S. Naval Academy.

-Assist your midshipman in their daily walk through life and maturity

-Assist getting your midshipman to the airport and the Academy when you are available                 

-Allow your midshipman to come over on weekends to have a home away from home

-Assist in other areas as needed and agreed upon by you and your midshipman


-Help facilitate positive relationships with the parents of your midshipman


In Acts 6 the disciples were told to look out among them for men of honest report, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom to be appointed as servants in the congregation. We pray that our individual and collective efforts as servants to this congregation and to God reflect a quality of Christ-like leadership that may be clearly distinguished by its motives, methods, and purpose from even the best examples of worldly leadership. In the world, success is measured by productivity and profit, and leadership is proven by “getting things done” for pay, power and position. For us, success is measured by our ability to encourage willing, voluntary service from a diverse body of Christians so that souls might be reached for Christ, that the church would edified and brought to greater spiritual unity and maturity, and that, in all things, God would be glorified.

Our three prime ministry areas are:

We also have scripture-based "Meditations" to help you focus on the Word of God - and see how it can help you in your daily lives.

Sunday Worship Services

Morning Bible Study: 9:30 AM

Morning Worship: 10:30 AM

Evening Worship: 5:30 PM

Wednesday Service

Evening Bible Study: 7:00 PM


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