This monograph is not intended to be an exhaustive commentary on its subject.  That is, it does not cite every Scripture relative to the Spirit or expand in depth on all that are mentioned.  The design, rather, is to present an organized overview, quite comprehensive in parts, in order to promote an understanding of the nature and action of the Spirit of the Godhead.  It would be suitable as a study guide which could then be examined, by element, to produce a deep knowledge and understanding of a subject not often searched intensively.

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In order to understand this topic better, it will be very helpful to understand the problem. Imagine trying to run a football league with 32 teams, each with its own set of rules. Perhaps a few teams might use rule books which have rules which closely resemble each other. However, most teams are far apart in their versions, and some teams even use rules from a different sport, like soccer – after all, it is still “futbol.” You would say right away that it wouldn't work. There would be fights and arguments every Sunday.


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"E" as in EXAMPLE


The “e” in our vowel mnemonic stands for “example.” For certain, it is a very important aspect in learning, teaching and interpretation. In this monograph, we will look at the part it plays in all three.


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"O" as in OPEN HEART

Even Jesus Himself had much trouble in converting many of His listeners. A Scripture in John 12:37 alludes to this: “But though He had performed so many signs before them, yet they were not believers.” 

How can we account for this? It was not the fault of Jesus in any way. Here was the master of all knowledge, wisdom, understanding, able to read the minds of others, the greatest teacher in history, God Himself, and yet...


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"U" as in UNITY

To be sure, there is not much unity in the opinions of men about what the Bible teaches on the doctrine of unity in the Lord's church. Perhaps a major reason for this is the lack of understanding on what the church is. That's the place for us to start in examining the Scriptural background and teaching on our subject.


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