We support Klaus and Sigi Frei in Wiesbaden, German (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

Mission reports:

Information about the ministry in Wiesbaden


Klaus and Sigi are native Germans and have been married without children for twentyseven years. Both were raised as Catholics, yet without any Biblical foundation and knowledge of the true living God. After living a very ungodly and worldly life, in the year 1991 they both got introduced to the gospel through the efforts of Diana McNeal, a next door neighbor who is a member of the church. The encounter with Jesus and with His Word dramatically changed their lives. After their conversion, God delivered both of them from drugs and alcohol, and they felt the urge to dedicate themselves to Him and His service. After being Christians for seven years, worshiping with an American Military congregation, God gave them the opportunity to study at the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver. Completing a four-year-program in two years was difficult for the native students, even more so for Klaus and Sigi. Nevertheless, they consider these years of preparation for the ministry and the fellowship with the staff, the other students and the Bear Valley church as worthwhile and shaping and are still grateful for those years. They both have a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies.

In order to have the finances to be able to work in Germany, immediately after their graduation they headed for a trip to Texas to look for supporting churches and individuals. But God in His major wisdom had other plans. A chain of events, beginning with their car breaking down on a highway close to Colby, Kansas lead to their acquaintance with the Stafford church of Christ. Without hesitation, the elders of the Stafford congregation took them under their wings and agreed to be their sponsoring congregation. The Stafford church has been family and support in every respect ever since. Furthermore, Klaus and Sigi are very grateful to all the individual Christians and churches who have supporting them financially and spiritually. Due to the efforts of our “old” friends Scott and Lisa Parrott, the Anapolis church has been part of our ministry for a couple of years now.

Klaus and Sigi Freis have been working with the Church of Christ in Wiesbaden, Germany for almost seven years. Klaus is considered a “full-time worker” who preaches and teaches, but he sees his major calling in counseling people and sharing the gospel. He regularly counsels brothers and sisters who are struggling with personal issues and/or in their faith. Twice a week on a Tuesday, respectively Friday night, they are hosting two home study groups made up of the younger generation. Sigi also weekly teaches two teens with different religious backgrounds. The fact that Klaus and Sigi are living in the church building has been a major advantage in their ministry, because they are always on the “hot spot” when people need help.

Home study groups

Once a week on a Tuesday, respectively Friday night, Klaus and Sigi are hosting two home study groups made up of the younger generation. Because a major part of the people in these groups are singles or students, they have special needs and are interested in different themes that are not taught in our Wednesday Bible study. Our major focus is not so much on theological issues, but we are rather dealing with topics that are relevant for their individual lives. It is also our desire to enhance their and our personal relationship to our Saviour and become more active in evangelizing the lost.

Youth group “Treasure Island”


“Treasure Island” was started by Sigi and three other sisters about five years ago. Originally the idea was sparked by a former student, who is not religious anymore, but wanted her daughter to learn about the Bible and the Christian faith. Due to this ladies engagement, the class started out with over ten children around age eight. None of the students had a church or religious background, and they almost exclusively came from dysfunctional families, meaning they excepted no authority whatsoever, which made it very hard to lay a foundation. As a result, the interest of students and teachers dropped, hence the only one’s left who are meeting weekly are two teens and Sigi as their teacher. We learn from Jesus` parable of the one lost sheep that each soul is precious in God’s eyes, therefor teaching only two students is not in vain.